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Financial Policies


Our professional fees vary according to the service provided and are based on standard regional psychotherapy and assessment rates. All payments are due at the time of service, which we will request to take via credit card, HSA card or check.

Please note that we will provide "superbills" with all appropriate diagnostic and billing codes for direct submission by patient families to their insurance companies. 360 Pediatric Psychology and its sole practitioners do not provide direct billing services to out-of-network insurance companies. For evaluations, we ask patient families to pay a deposit of $2,800 (down payment) at the diagnostic interview, and any remaining balance or credit is due at the feedback session with hourly rates set at $225.00 per hour after the initial intake/diagnostic interview (which is charged at $295.00 for up to 90 minutes). Therapy payments are due in full at the time of service. We bill $295 for the initial diagnostic interview and $225.00 per 52 minute therapy session thereafter. 

  • The initial appointment (30-90 minute clinical diagnostic interview) is billed at a flat rate of $295. This includes diagnostic formulation, review of records, and written documentation of the visit prior to the start of testing or therapy. 

  • Therapy sessions are billed at $225 per 52-minute session.

  • Assessment or testing sessions are billed at a base rate of $225.00 per hour, billed in 30 minute increments with additional hours billed outside of session for scoring, interpretation, diagnostic formulation, report writing and feedback. Evaluations require psychologists to spend significant time both inside and outside of sessions with test selection, record requests and review, test administration, consulting, scoring, interpreting, and writing up results in a comprehensive report. The feedback session is scheduled within the next week to explain the evaluation results to families. A comprehensive report is delivered to the family as well as the child's pediatrician (with parental consent) at the time of feedback as time allows. The patient family is responsible for delivering a copy of the report directly to the school. We offer short (10 minutes or less) consultations at no charge with other significant care providers in your child’s life. If the parent chooses to schedule a school meeting, an hourly rate of $225.00 including preparation time, drive time (to and from the meeting) and meeting time will be charged to the parents. This service is not covered by insurance, and patient families are responsible for the cost of the entire school visit at the time of service. 

  • No Shows and Cancellations 360 and its sole practitioners strive to accommodate our families in a reasonable amount of time. *Without 24-hours notice cancellation for therapy sessions, you will be subject to a full rate charge of $225 for a 52-minute missed appointment fee. If you miss an evaluation appointment, you will be charged the full rate of however many hours were scheduled for your appointment that day.* Many times evaluation appointments are 3-4 hours in length. Late Charges due to frequent tardiness or late cancellations may be assessed at the clinician’s discretion.

  • Phone calls to patients or school staff, physicians, etc., lasting longer than 10 minutes will incur charges prorated in 5-minute increments at the base rate for therapy sessions (i.e., $225 for 50 minutes).* There is no charge for brief contacts lasting less than 10 minutes or calls related to scheduling or therapy homework purposes (e.g., pre-arranged check-in calls, clarification of therapy assignments). A clinician may bill for after-hours emergency services at the full clinical rate, regardless of method of communication.

      *Please note these charges are rarely reimbursed by insurance.



For families seeking reimbursement from their insurance carrier, we can provide a "superbill" that families may submit to their insurance company. While we are considered "out-of-network" providers, families may receive partial reimbursement based on their plan's mental health benefits. Your insurance will be responsible for potential direct partial reimbursement to you based on your out-of-network benefits, and reconciliation of your child's account is made at the final feedback session with any outstanding payment or credit due at that time.  Returned checks or charges will incur an additional $35.00 fee, and ongoing unpaid balances may incur interest and/or collections charges. 

NOTE: It is critical that you contact your insurance company using the phone number on your member card to understand your estimated benefits based on your individual plan. Please visit our "Using Insurance" tab under "Financial Policies" on our website to obtain a useful list of questions for your insurance company. Please be aware that some insurance companies require pre-authorization prior to testing or treatment, you are responsible for requesting the pre-authorization forms and getting them to your clinician at least one to two weeks prior to your first appointment. 

Note for children & teens of divorced/separated parents: The parent who brings the child or teen is responsible for payment as specified above at the time of service. If the child attends a session without a parent, payment will need to be sent with the child (via check or cash) or a credit card kept on file. In the case of separated or divorced parents where one parent is court-ordered to pay for services, a copy of this document (in its entirety) is required before this information can be used. Also in cases of separation/divorce where both parents have legal custody, both parents are required to sign the Separated/Divorced Parents Consent, or for the non-present parent to provide written consent or written confirmation of knowledge of treatment or assessment being provided to their child or teen.


Common Questions

You might ask... Why would I go to a provider out-of-network with my insurance, when I can go to an in-network provider?

1) 360 Pediatric Psychology and its sole practitioners strive to provide a comprehensive, personalized experience to each family in which every aspect of the child’s life is taken into consideration. Our clinicians reach out to medical care providers, teachers, coaches and parents to provide 360-degree assessment and treatment for your child. We offer a fast, concierge approach without the additional fees, as we understand diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming to families. 


2) Some problems or concerns may not be covered by your insurance. Learning disorder evaluations are often not covered by insurance.


3) Your insurance company's preferred provider might not be your preferred provider. Insurance companies are increasingly dictating the tests provided and restricting the number of hours/sessions allowed, which in the case of assessments, can render more of a screening approach to the evaluation and an abbreviated final report which may or may not give a complete picture of your child's strengths and challenges, or answer your questions in full.  


4) Additionally, many providers have long wait lists; 360 strives to schedule our patients in a timely manner and to complete evaluation services within a 1-to-2 week timeframe with full participation of parents, educators and caregivers.


5) Your out-of-pocket costs might be similar to in-network costs, and the end product (extent of evaluation) may be abbreviated in comparison to a self-pay evaluation with direct reimbursement. You should work with your insurance company's customer service department to help determine if this is the case with your estimated benefits.


5) Paying out of pocket is the most confidential way to have your child assessed, diagnosed and treated.


6) 360 Pediatric Psychology goes above and beyond to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis and recommendations possible for your child using state-of-the art testing tools.

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