Noreen M. Regan, M.A.T.

Orton-Gillingham Reading Specialist


Noreen M. Regan, M.A.T. is a licensed primary teacher with over 20 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Portland as well as a Master’s of Arts Degree from Portland State’s school of Education. 


Noreen spent twenty years as a primary classroom teacher and developed a love of teaching reading.  Even though she used best practices strategies in her teaching, she saw many of her students struggling to read fluently and accurately.  This led to her completing her Orton Gillingham training and certification in 2019.   

She is currently an Orton Gillingham Reading Specialist and provides structured literacy intervention to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  She uses multi-sensory instruction along with games and activities which are engaging and fun for the students.  Noreen works closely with classroom teachers to help implement structured literacy practices in the classroom and support students with dyslexia.    She enjoys working with parents and helping them embrace their child’s strengths and areas of growth.

Noreen is an avid reader, constantly on a search for brain-based learning research which supports how students learn as they age, grow and mature.  Noreen is joining 360 Pediatric Psychology PC as an independent contractor because she sees a critical need for Orton Gillingham specialists in the clinical environment and believes this method changes the way a student’s brain works.  She believes success looks different for each student and has a high degree of empathy for families and students struggling with dyslexia.

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