COVID-19 Updates 

We are OPEN for in-office evaluations.


Clinicians at 360 are providing new patient intakes, therapy services, and review of evaluation results via telemedicine at this time.


We are now seeing patients in the office for neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological evaluations as these services are not conducive to a telemedicine platform.

COVID-19 Procedures for In-Office Evaluations

Here is what we are doing to keep our patient families, clinicians and their families safe:

  • The front door will be locked until your child's appointment time to allow for contactless entry.

  • Only one clinician will be in the office each day to reduce the quantity of patients and providers in the suite at any particular time. 

  • We are asking patients and their parent(s) to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment and while in the waiting room. There is seating directly outside of our office as well if families are more comfortable waiting outside of the suite.

  • We ask that you and your child wash your hands down the hall prior to entering, and we will provide hand sanitizer to your child before testing.

  • We have modified our tables to allow for additional feet between the child and clinician during testing.

  • We will check both patient and parent temperatures prior to entering our office using a contactless thermometer.

  • Clinicians will wear masks throughout the duration of your child's appointment.

  • We will be thoroughly disinfecting our office before and after each patient. Additionally, each clinician will check their temperature at the start of each day to ensure the safety of our patients.

*We are in this together! Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you soon.​