Autism & Related Disorders Evaluations


We offer comprehensive, gold-standard Autism, Neurodevelopmental, and Emotional/Behavioral evaluations for youth ages 2 to 25 years old. It is often difficult to identify autism and intellectual delay in children. Here are some of the warning signs that warrant assessment:

  • Autism / Autism Spectrum / Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder

    • Social Challenges/Skills deficits

    • Sensory Processing Problems

    • Social Anxiety

    • Challenges with Daily Living Skills and Routines

    • Depression / low self esteem

    • Low interest in interaction with others

    • Concrete thinking, problems with flexibility in thinking

    • Fixated interest on topics, thoughts or things

    • Problems with transitions with anger outbursts

  • Intellectual Disability

    • Behavior that is hard to control​, problems with inhibition

    • Behind in all areas of academics

    • Immature thinking and behavior

    • Challenges with Daily Living Skills & Routines

    • Problems with abstract thinking and problem solving

    • Problems in social interactions with peers


Helping Your Child Thrive


360 Pediatric Psychology provides comprehensive, evidence-based evaluations for children and teens. If you would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact us at (503) 636-0508.