We offer comprehensive, gold-standard psychoeducational, (i.e., learning disorders, including Dyslexia), ADHD, neurodevelopmental, and emotional/behavioral evaluations for youth ages 5 to 25 years old, including:

  • Psychoeducational/Learning Disorder Evaluations (including Dyslexia)

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluations

  • Full Neurodevelopmental Evaluations

  • SAT/ACT Accommodations Evaluations

  • Neuropsychological testing for children with medical problems

  • Talented and Gifted Evaluations

  • Adaptive Behavioral Evaluations

  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Evaluations (e.g., anxiety & depression)


Helping Your Child Thrive


360 Pediatric Psychology provides comprehensive, evidence-based evaluations for children and teens. If you would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact us at (503) 636-0508.