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360 Degrees of Care, Focused on You
and Your Child/Teen

Our comprehensive approach allows us to attend to the unique cognitive, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of our patients. From initial contact with our clinic through evaluation to establishing consistent treatment across settings, we strive to take care of each child, teen and family as if they were our own.  In addition to offering evaluation and therapy services in our friendly, welcoming Lake Oswego office, we also provide easy to understand reports and recommendations, and we reach out to consult with physicians, educators and coaches in taking a 360 degree approach to maximize your child’s potential.




 Comprehensive Service Focused on You and Your Child


Quiet, private offices


Integrated, Easy to Understand Evaluations


Coordinated Care


Personal Consultations with all support teams 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy &  Behavioral Treatment Intervention 

We utilize the latest evidence-based and most effective treatment proven for a variety of emotional, behavioral, social and adaptive concerns.


Behavioral Pediatrics/Parent Training

Your child didn’t come with an instruction manual – but we do.  Let us help you with a multitude of everyday issues to simplify and de-stress home and school life for everyone.



ADHD, Psychoeducational/Learning Disorder, Dyslexia, Autism & Neurodevelopmental/Neuropsychological


We specialize in comprehensive ADHD, psychoeducational, Dyslexia, learning disorder, neurodevelopmental, autism, neuropsychological, & emotional and behavioral evaluations for youth ages 2 to 25 years old.


Short-Term Therapy

360 Pediatric Psychology provides targeted, evidence-based therapy to maximize your child’s potential. We treat a variety of concerns for children, adolescents and teens.


Consultation and Liaison with Other Providers

We ensure seamless communication and informed care, by proactively reaching out to and advocating with other professionals who care for your child.

Our Services



We serve youth ages 2 to 25 years old.